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Sugar Baby Skincare is located at a private studio in Downtown Long Beach. For an appointment, call or text


gentle & natural for the sweetest skin

Sugaring is a hair removal technique with origins from ancient Egypt. It is the process of applying natural sugar paste (sugar, lemon, salt) against the grain of the hair and removing it swiftly with the flick of a gloved hand in the direction of hair growth.

Sugaring removes dead skin and hair that is long enough to attach to the paste (2 weeks of hair growth required, about the length of a grain of rice), revealing your smoothest skin ever! 

Does sugaring hurt?

          When hair is leaving the follicle you may feel a sting, but with repeated visits the hair will grow finer and less dense and each sessions will go faster! By applying pressure, working quickly, and with the distractions of my treatment room, your sugar session will be as comfortable as possible. You can do it! 

          Longer body hair may pull when sugar paste is applied. If your hair is long, it may be trimmed prior to appointment, but please leave hair at least 1/4 inch to be sugared. 

          Disclose if your skin is sensitive, sunburned, if you are on Accutane, retinoids, or have allergies to any topical ingredients.


          Period week may heighten sensitivity.

          Numbing creams & CBD may be applied for extra comfort.

Do I have to get naked?

          Your comfort is my priority! We have robes to change into or you can hop on the table and cover yourself with a towel. If sugaring an intimate area, we will need underwear and socks removed (as sugar warms up it may flick off and we don't want to get your clothes sticky!) Sugar is easily removed with warm water and will not stain clothing. 

For best results...

          Exfoliate your skin prior to your appointment using a dry brush or exfoliating towel. A hot shower or soak will prep your skin for exfoliation. Dry your skin and do not apply oils, lotion, or deodorant to any area that will be sugared. 

Need to freshen up?

         We have oil free wipes for intimate areas, and alcohol wipes to remove stubborn deodorant. Clean dry skin is best for sugaring. 


      Please spritz and apply the aftercare options of your choice. We will recommended to close down pores with our soothing witch hazel tonic. If you have normal to dry skin, Snake Oil (no snakes in this product, just an amazing blend of essential oils)  is a great skin moisturizer that will provide a protective barrier. 

Avoid activities that cause sweat or friction to the sugared area for at least 24 hours. Loose fitting clothing is recommended as well! 

Stick With It

       Your first four appointments should be booked between 4-6 weeks to enjoy the maximum benefits of sugaring. Consistency will train your hair to grow at the same time, meaning longer lasting results. The hair will also grow back more sparse and thinner. The citric acid from lemon will also fade discoloration for more even toned, brighter skin.


           Removing hair from the root may cause shock to the follicle, inducing a histamine reaction. A histamine reaction can appear as red bumps, hives, or prolonged redness. The skin will soothe itself and redness should subside within 24-48 hours. An oral antihistamine may speed up the recovery process. If you experience persistent ingrown hairs, consult your sugarist, as extra exfoliation and extraction services may be beneficial to your appointment.

mobile sugaring and Downtown
Long Beach location 

Hi! I'm your sugarist, Jax. I learned the ancient craft of sugaring during lockdown 2020. It has been an exciting addition to my menu of grooming services, as I have been a licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair coloring and cutting since 2011. 

I have personally experienced the benefits of going razor free, from less ingrown hairs, decreased hair, and smoother skin with less hyperpigmentation. The lemon juice in sugar paste is what makes it a powerful exfoliant and I have been loving that body hair removal now enhances my skin rather than harming it with hot wax or a sharp razor!

Other sweet indulgences of mine are vegan donuts, binging reality shows, and making photo backdrops. 

Come see me in downtown Long Beach!

sugar baby menu

Prices are subject to change if additional sugar, time, trimming or ingrown treatment is required. Please consult with your sugarist before any service. I am currently accepting vaccinated clients only. I will be masked for your appointment. Allergy warning, my studio is cat and 420 friendly. 

Brazilian $70+
bikini $50+
tummy $20

under arms $30
half arms $50
Full Arms $100

full face $40
lip $10
eyebrows $20

booty cheeks $40+
half legs $100
full legs $150

if it has hair, it can be sugared!
ask about combos for the perfect package for you


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